a spring weekend with my family!

If you didn’t already know, I am originally from Las Vegas (well, around that area), but I went to UCSD for my undergraduate education and now I call this beach city my semi-permanent home. Living here means being away from my parents, sister, and my many cousins and other relatives, so I only get to spend time with them a few times a year.

Since it was my sister’s spring break this past week, my parents & she came down to SD to visit me for a few days. The last time I saw them was for Christmas/New Year’s! You can imagine how excited I was to get out of work so I could zoom to the hotel we were staying at. This weekend was the happiest I felt as of recently, so I wanted to share what we did!

If y’all don’t wanna read the text below, watch my sister’s vlog! 🙂 I was too lazy to vlog this weekend & she did a great job editing this & putting it together. You can always scroll down too just to look at some of the pictures I am sharing hehe.


They arrived to SD Thursday afternoon; I was able to adjust my work schedule so I would have Friday off, so I was impatiently waiting for my work day to end so I could enjoy the weekend with my family. Once I got out of work, I literally ran to my car and drove to the hotel, where I excitedly reunited with my sister and parents. Then we went to Buca di Beppo for dinner. Our waiter was hilarious and had semi-ridiculous inflection in his speech, but I didn’t mind. And you know how they take your picture & try to sell them to you to keep? My mom definitely did not want to buy them, but my dad was being #extra & bought them anyways LOL.

After we got back to the hotel, my sister & I immediately left to go say hi to my boyfriend, then we got boba & rolled ice cream at a place nearby called ICMonster. I didn’t get any pictures of the rolled ice cream or the boba, but we hung out there and played some Jenga Blockade while eating/drinking & catching up.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


After breakfast provided by the hotel & getting ready, we drove to Coronado Island. Ever since I started school/living in SD, my mom has wanted to go but we never had the time to; this time, we made it a priority. We found parking by the beach relatively easily (since it can be a pain in the ass to find that yung street parking)! We took a lot of pictures by the Hotel Del Coronado and the beach, walked around the lobby and the courtyard, then left to get food at Opera, a French cafe close to the hotel. Because it was Good Friday & Fridays = no meat and they were not serving the breakfast menu anymore (breakfast available all day on the weekends!), I got a seafood crepe.

Then I drove my car home to get ready for my boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding in Temecula, about an hour away (which ended up being 1 1/2 hours due to traffic!!!). The venue was beautiful! It was an outdoor wedding so the sunset cast a beautiful light over the winery, and the string lightbulbs they had outside in the reception area were mesmerizing. There were a lot of bugs, which distracted me a bit, but food, desserts, and open bar kept my mind off of it 😉 I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t know most of the people there & I felt awkward about it, but I would like to share these photos of my boyfriend & I from the photo booth.

Why? Because Friday was our 4-year anniversary!!! WHAT?! I know, it’s crazy to think we’ve been together for that long… and that we’re spending our anniversary at another person’s wedding. But it was nice to be with his loved ones celebrating more love and to have my loved ones waiting for me back in SD. So Friday was a sweet day overall. (:

After we got back to SD, I drove straight to the next hotel we were staying at (yes, we changed hotels LOL). And I SWEAR, this hotel room was bigger than my apartment from my third year of college. AND DAT INTERIOR DESIGN THO. The kitchenette was modern: dark cabinets, subway tiles, white marble/granite/quarts countertops. It had a peninsula with bar chairs. The living area was spacious & the sofa bed wasn’t too terrible. The bedroom was spacious. The bathroom was larger than my current bathroom AND the stand-in shower had modern tiles & a relaxing shower head. Although it was overall darker than my usual interior design tastes, I was very impressed and obsessed with the room. I would 100% stay at this hotel again just from the aesthetics.


DUDE… THIS HOTEL HAS AN OMELETTE BAR. AMAZING. Great upgrade on the whole complimentary-continental-breakfast thing. After breakfast & getting ready, we went to North Park, the “hipster” neighborhood of SD. North Park is my favorite area because of the great food, coffee shops, little stores, art, and other aesthetic places to just hang out. My sister is always jealous of these cool places I visit & post on Instagram (+ she wanted pictures for her own social media accounts!) so I brought her to a few of my favorite places.

The first place we went was Pigment, a cute lifestyle shop. I love the variety of items you can purchase (home decor, succulents, books, stationery), as well as the interior design of the place. I bought my first set of Rifle Paper Co. notebooks there and I have to stop myself from buying everything every single time I visit. They have an exterior wall full of succulents and another with some pink stripes, both very Instagram-famous, so my sister was excited to take pictures with those.

Over the next block was this new store I haven’t been to before, Casa Artelexia, specializing in Mexican goodies. While we were finding parking, my sister saw the “You Are Radiant” mural outside and she wanted a picture with it as well. There was a line forming outside of the shop–I figured out later that it was for Frida Kahlo cookies!–so we took a peek inside. I couldn’t see much, so I hope I can return there sometime soon to take a better look around!

Next, we walked to Holy Matcha, a tea place that specializes in matcha drinks. The aesthetic is A+: pink walls, pink velvet booth seats, palm leaf wallpaper, a flower wall, marble countertops & tables. So I obviously wanted to take my sister there… but I probably will not come back on my own accord. The drinks are expensive but I can’t taste the matcha in them (& I love matcha), and the pink lemonade I got my sister was way too sour. I’ve definitely taken enough pictures there to last me for a while.

We didn’t know where to go next, so I Yelp-ed a nearby place that sounded good… and Carnitas Snack Shack popped up! I forgot they had a location in North Park. Every single time I’ve considered eating there I always went somewhere else, so I was pleasantly surprised that my family was okay with eating there! It was supposedly a 10-minute walk away but it felt much longer because it was on the opposite side of North Park; my sister & parents were definitely getting cranky because it felt far & it was pretty hot outside. When you get there, my parents were very sketched out by the first impression of the place: a literal shack. However, at the side & behind the shack is a very cute outdoor seating area, and they felt much better about it. Plus, the food is delicious! My sister & I both got the carnitas tacos, my mom got a BLT, and my dad got a steak sandwich.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

After eating, we walked back to the car, spent about 2 hours at Marshall’s and Ross because my mom was looking for some luggage for the summer, then went back to the hotel. Once my sister & I rested, we went to get boba at my fave place in SD, Kung Fu Tea, and pick up Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Chick-Fil-A JUST opened in Vegas and the lines are still very long, so they haven’t had the chance to try it. They might as well try it here where the lines aren’t long. Their impressions? Mixed. There seems to be a battle between Raising Cane’s vs. Chick-Fil-A (because chicken, sauce, etc.). My dad likes how juicy the chicken sandwiches are compared to Cane’s but likes their chicken fingers. I agree with my dad. My mom & sister like Cane’s more. It’s okay, though, I’ll just eat all the Chick-Fil-A for them.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

THEN THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, HARRY STYLES, WAS ON SNL. If you don’t already know, I am was a huge One Direction fan, and Harry was my favorite tbh. This would be his first time performing his new single, Sign of The Times, live, plus he’d be singing another song from his album (which comes out May 12… mark your calendars!!!). We made sure we’d be home & ready to watch by 8:30 pm. Usually it’s on super late at night, but it was on at an earlier time because it was a special coast-to-coast event. We were screaming a lot–and it has been a long time since we’ve been able to fangirl over anything!–because HARRY KILLED IT! I am so excited to hear more of Harry’s live performances (via the Internet because I doubt I’ll get to see him in person any time soon).


Happy (belated) Easter Sunday! After breakfast & getting ready, we packed up the hotel room and went to mass at Saint Gregory the Great, a church in the area. It was so beautiful! The church has a tall tower ceiling in the foyer, and the actual church is rounded with spectacular wood paneling and large windows to bring in natural light. My friend’s brother had his wedding here & it’s gorgeous. The grounds are also very nice, with a cascading river-waterfall-type down these steps of grass. At the top were these columns that provided nice shade. The trees on the property were blooming, providing some more color to the outdoor area. The church was full so for mass itself so we were in the hall. I’m glad we were able to find a bench that my whole family fit on so we wouldn’t have to stand for the whole hour/hour and a half.

After Easter mass, my family & I met my boyfriend at our local Japanese BBQ place. They had Easter specials, so I thought it would be a good alternative to the typical AYCE Korean BBQ place. My boyfriend & parents got to catch up while we ate some delicious meat yummmmmm.

It was then time to say goodbye to my parents & sister since my sister had to go back to school the next day 😦 I haven’t been so sad about my family leaving in a while, but I get to see my mom next month for a wedding AND I’ll be traveling with them for a month over the summer! Once they left, I just chilled at home before my boyfriend & I went to watch Kimi No Na Wa/Your Name. I’ll talk about it in a future favorites post, but it’s one of my favorite movies to date… and I don’t have favorite movies. IT’S SO GOOD! It should still be showing in limited theaters, so if you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend you check it out!

ANYWAYS, that is the end of my wonderful spring weekend with my family & my boyfriend. What places around San Diego have you taken your friends/family when they visit? And recommend me some awesome hipster-y places I can take pictures at & make my sister jealous with (& take her next time she visits) 😉

much love,

P.S. Check out my last travel-ish post:  (:


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