valentine’s day 2017!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! It’s been almost two weeks since this holiday that can be kind of divisive among the general population: people celebrate the holiday with their friends (Galentine’s Day!) or significant others, by showing self-love, or by buying candy at very discounted prices the next day… or hate it for whatever reason.

I’m blessed to have someone to share this Valentine’s Day with–my boyfriend! I’ve shared the past three Valentine’s Days with him as well. A little summary about what we’ve done in the past: in 2014, we stayed in, ordered pizza, watched a lot of the X-Men movies, and played some League of Legends; in 2015, we went on an OC food adventure (you can watch the vlog here!); in 2016, we hung out with Newton The Owl at The Wildlife Learning Center & explored some of LA (vlog here!). So what did we do this year?

Another OC food adventure… because you can never have too much food and too much adventure!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day the weekend before since the actual day fell on a Tuesday (which I have off, but the buh had work/class), but what matters is that we spent the day together! Usually I take a lot of pictures whenever I go out on these trips, but surprisingly I didn’t take that many this time around.

In lieu of those photos, watch my vlog below of the things we did throughout the weekend!

The highlights of the weekend:

  • The yellow custard buns at Mint Leaf: They have cute little candy eyes on them so it’s fun to put a hole underneath as the mouth and make them vomit the filling. Alternatively, you can put a hole on the side away from the eyes and make them poop custard LOL.
  • Nem nuong spring rolls at Brodard: Back when I was in undergrad, I would attend these conferences every spring. As I became older & didn’t necessarily need the workshops but still attended, my friends & I would spend the day getting food. It became tradition to buy these spring rolls by the tray & eat these instead of paying attention to the itinerary. One year we tried to go to Brodard but the line was too long. And I can see why… these were life-changing. We got there mid-afternoon on Saturday & there was no line–I’m not sure if we were lucky or if it’s usually like that.
  • Drive-Thru 7 Leaves: If you don’t already know, 7 Leaves is my go-to boba place whenever I pass through OC (PLEASE OPEN A LOCATION IN SD!!! I’M BEGGING YOU!!!). It is a mission of mine to visit each 7 Leaves location, and during this trip I visited two new locations. One of them had a drive-thru! I was upset that they didn’t have my favorite drink (love cream + sea cream + boba), but the excitement of being able to order in my vehicle was enough to overcome my disappointment.
  • Getting this damn Rilakkuma plushie from the claw machines at Round1: Some of the machines have a little illustration with a trick for how to get the prize but the machines that had a Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma didn’t have the help 😦 Eventually we figured out the trick: try to loop the prongs around something on the stuffed animal (like a purse, its arms if the other end is sown to the body, etc.) so when the claw goes back up, it’s hanging with a good grip. We blew A LOT of money trying to get it but what matters is that we won something!!!
  • Green Thai Tea at Seaside Bakery: Sometime last year, my future little (that’s what I call my friend… he never became my little so in some alternate universe/future timeline he might be!) brought it to a meeting for one of the organizations I was a member of in undergrad and I finished the drink… even though it was for him. This was my first time actually visiting the little 24-hour bakery right in front of Newport Beach myself. I didn’t even finish it until Monday evening since I was too full to drink it the night I bought it.
  • Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung: We had xiao long bao at Mint Leaf so I was familiar with the concept of having soup + meat inside a dumpling, but the ones from Din Tai Fung were soooo good. The restaurant has a reputation for these dumplings and it lives up to the hype. The only downside is that they are kind of pricy. We split 3 orders (30 dumplings total) and a chicken noodle dish between myself, my boyfriend, and my two other friends, and I was satisfied, although I could have eaten more.
  • The Lego Batman Movie: After Frostbites for dessert, the 4 of us went to watch The Lego Batman Movie. My boyfriend & I re-watched The Lego Movie before hitting up Round1 the day before to prepare for this movie. It was so cute! I think an animated movie can excel if it’s not seen as too cheesy or unappealing by an older audience. However, I am a fan of animated movies anyways, so I always find something positive about them. But I can’t find anything bad to say about The Lego Batman Movie because the animation is A+ & I was so invested in the story.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
the Rilakkuma plushie my boyfriend won + a cute photo booth picture

I was the one driving this weekend (usually my boyfriend drives… because I didn’t have a car throughout undergrad) so I was pooped by the time we got back to San Diego. You could imagine the very very nice slumber I had Sunday night.

What did you do for Valentine’s Day this year (if anything)? Do you have any ideas for what we should do for our next OC/LA day trip (or next Valentine’s Day)? Share in the comments below–I’d love to read your stories  & suggestions!

much love,


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