Okay, let’s be honest here: I live & breathe all things Internet. I’m on social media all the time. I love to read people’s blogs & watch their vlogs on YouTube. I gawk at others’ (& attempt to make my own) graphic designs.

it’s always been this way…

Back in middle school, I developed multiple personal websites (from scratch!) that displayed my portfolio and I divulged my thoughts & life. I was part of several communities where members shared their own designs & even requested things from me. After that period of my life, I focused a lot on my academics & career endeavors: applying to college, making sure I pass all my classes, participating in research & internships. I tried to keep up but I was pretty overwhelmed with all of that stuff. I didn’t get a chance to continue updating these websites (or save any other screenshots of them, really) & they disappeared into oblivion.

However, it’s always been a goal of mine to someday start another blog where I can get back into creating content regularly. Since graduating, getting my bachelor’s degree, & entering the workforce, I decided to reclaim my little piece of the Internet. I made it one of my New Year’s Resolutions to take this step. Now we can all happy dance~ That day has finally arrived!

but what exactly do I want to accomplish here?

To be determined. I pictured using this as a place to talk about my favorite products, places I’ve been to (aka places I just spent the whole day eating), the outfits I wear, work stuff, things I’ve designed & learned & accomplished… the possibilities are endless. I’m going to try to make it a goal to update a few times a month so I can keep this blog alive & not have it buried in the Internet graveyard. And excuse any appearance changes you see over the next few weeks/months… I’m trying to find the best ~aesthetic~ but for now it is what it is.

I believe nothing is set in stone–if it is, there are multiple paths to get there. Whatever direction this blog is headed, I expect some twists & turns to happen along the way. So come along with me as we approach every fork in the road, do eenie meenie miney mo, & see where it takes us.

much love,


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